Sicura Enterprise Edition
  1. Introduction
  2. Licensing
  3. Installing SIMP EE
  4. Server install from RPM
  5. Server install from ISO
  6. Upgrade SIMP EE
  7. Server Installation via Control Repo
  8. Enable SIMP Compliance Engine
  9. Configure SIMP Compliance Engine
  10. Included Compliance Profiles
  11. Console install via Puppet
  12. Scanner Install via Puppet
  13. Simp-downloader script Reference
  14. Coverage - CIS, Windows
  15. Coverage - CIS, Linux
  16. Coverage - DISA, Windows
  17. Coverage - DISA, Linux
  18. Windows CIS module usage
  19. Linux CIS Module Usage
  20. Linux DISA Module Usage

Simp-downloader script Reference

The simp-downloader script was created to simplify downloading SIMP installation assets from the official Onyx Point download server.

You can download the script from here.


Simp-downloader is a shell script that will run in any Bash environment. After download, you may need to modify the permissions to allow execution:

$ chmod +x simp-downloader

All command line arguments are optional. If run without any arguments, it will download the latest stable CentOS ISO for SIMP Enterprise, using the license key in /etc/simp/license.key.

$ simp-downloader

Available options

Option Description Possible values Default value
-v SIMP Version to download.   6.5.0-0
-p Server OS for SIMP Server. CentOS, RHEL CentOS
-e SIMP Server edition to download. Community, Enterprise Enterprise
-l SIMP EE license key file to use for authentication. Relative or literal path to the license file. /etc/simp/license.key
-a Server CPU architecture for the SIMP Server. x86_64 x86_64
-t Installation archive type to download. iso, install-tarball, tar, tgz iso
-u Download an unstable version. N/A N/A
-s Download a stable version. (This is the default behavior, no need to specify this flag.) N/A N/A
-n Print the curl command that will be run with the selected options. Use this if you want to perform the download on a system that does not have the simp-downloader script. N/A N/A
-h Display command help. N/A N/A
-V Display version information. N/A N/A